Look What’s Budding

Mystery flower bud

Mystery flower bud. All photos by Bianca March.

Pete Moss walked around his backyard and investigated all the different kinds of budding plants. He snapped pictures of some budding trees, herbs, a fern, and flowers he could name for sure.

He found a one-inch tall peony flower bud. It was purplish-pink.

He found snowdrop flower linear leaves. He did not know which ones would grow to have purple or white flowers. He found irises near the snowdrops. They may grow to be blue, purple, or red. There was a fern bud nearby.

In one garden bed, he found wild garlic leaves, budding scallions, and a budding slender donut peach tree.

He visited the dogwood tree he hugged before. It now had budding white flowers. Behind this tree were budding daffodils in the corner of a bed of a row of Ace of Hearts miniature trees. The dogwood tree had an apricot tree for a neighbor on one side.

Parsley was in a corner where a toad usually visits in the late spring.

In his front yard were budding tulips—their flower color was unknown as of yet. Also, here he had two corners of hyacinths—pink, purple, and white, but their colors were secret at the moment.

There was a mystery flower budding in a planter under his bedroom window. Can you guess what these flowers are? There is a picture above. If he figures it out later, he’ll report back to you. He’ll have to find the same variety at the Home Depot—when they bring the flowers around Mother’s Day, May 8—to know for sure.

There are many more things budding in Pete Moss’s garden, but these are the buds he could name for sure now, so early in the Spring.