About the Elementrees

Welcome to the Elementrees page.

This is our forum. 

We promise to practice decorum.

This is our stage.

We hope you’ll find it all the rage.


We are the Elementrees.

We like to climb up trees.

We run away from bumble bees.

We attend Green Lawn Elementary.


We ride our bikes.

The kind for tykes.

We grow, learn, laugh, and rarely fall.

We help each other through it all.


About Amy Lockhart and the Elementrees Club

Amy Lockhart and her friends like to play pretend so they developed a club called the Elementrees. The club has several silly rules like Eat, Drink and Be Mary. This club meets for one hour everyday after school to catch up on the latest news, play games, and eat candy. The club’s favorite games are air hockey, riding bikes and kick scooters, and playing pretend. Their favorite candies are peanut butter cups and gumballs. They also like to help out their neighbors by raking leaves and shoveling snow. The Elementrees also like to recycle, hold bake sales and lemonade stands. They give the proceeds to the less fortunate. They recently visited a senior center. That’s when the idea dawned on them to invent Adopt a Senior Day. They are very responsible young people.

Besides the Elementrees Club, Amy has a newspaper route. Amy has an unusual way to deliver the newspapers to her customers: she uses a slingshot. One day she was delivering her newspaper and she hit Mr. Grumble, her neighbor, on the head with a newspaper. Amy panicked and got her mother to help. Amy’s mom, Dina, put some smelling salts under Mr. Grumble’s nose and he was good as new. When Mr. Grumble got up from his ordeal, he said, “Darn you kids stay off of my property!” Sometimes Mr. Grumble can be kind of a crabapple.

Since that day, though, Amy no longer uses a slingshot to deliver the newspapers. Now she just hand delivers them on her customers’ driveways. It is so much safer, easier, and faster. She doesn’t want to do anything ever again that risks hurting herself or others. As soon as she hit Mr. Grumble on the head with the newspaper, she felt SHE was hit on the head with the newspaper. She realized in that moment how connected she is to all in the world, all in the universes.

Newspaper delivery is no place for a slingshot. A slingshot deserves a wide-open space like her uncle’s 2-acre backyard field, where there are no animals or people roaming around that might get hit. She thought she would play with the slingshot there again someday, however, she has been so busy with the Elementrees lately that she forgot all about the slingshot. You can read about her and the Elementrees’ current discoveries, adventures, and whereabouts here: BiancaMarch.com.


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