The Man in the Moon

It was the evening of Sunday, March 27. Tommy Tomorrow was holding on to the railing of Grandpa Joe’s backyard deck and looking up at the sky.

Grandpa Joe pointed to the waning gibbous moon and asked, “Do you see the man in the moon?”

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Decoding the Solar Eclipse’s Message

Lunar eclipse photo courtesy of carsus/

Lunar eclipse photo courtesy of carsus/

It was Sunday, March 20. Grandpa Joe was sitting in his rocking chair by the lit fireplace. Tommy Tomorrow and his parents were visiting.

Grandpa Joe motioned with his index finger for Tommy to approach him.

Tommy dutifully walked up to Grandpa Joe and sat before his rocking chair.

“So…” Grandpa Joe began. “Did you get your secret message from the eclipse?”

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Searching for Pi: Free for Pi Day, March 14 to 17

Searching for Pi: The Novel for Kids will be FREE on Amazon from March 14 to March 17, 2016, in honor of Pi Day. Click here to download it free on those days:

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Searching for Pi: The Novel for Kids (2016)

Searching for Pi: The Novel for Kids

Happy Pi Day, March 14! My first children’s novel, Searching for Pi, is now available on Amazon here:

Discover pi through a child’s eyes…

A search for pi is a search for ultimate truth.

Ten third grade students, who call themselves the Elementrees, are asked to search for pi, on their first two days of class, by their eccentric, new teacher, Ms. Applewood. She asks them to each bring in an example of pi the next day. She does not mention that this task is impossible.

As the students wholeheartedly search for pi, they discover its fundamental properties: that it is invisible, intangible, irrational, and infinite. The most shocking truths about pi, they discover much later. Searching for Pi teaches about pi in a fun, easy to understand way. It also gives learners a new way of studying math, through the narrative of a funny story.

Ms. Applewood teaches her students about pi because she wants them to become master creators of their own lives, discover their own unique talents, and not be unconsciusly led down false paths. She succeeds in accomplishing all this with the help of a math symbol known as pi and her trusty potato masher.

Searching for Pi is a must-read for teachers, math enthusiasts, students who need a new way of learning math, and anyone who enjoys a great middle grade fiction story.

The Eclipse’s Message

New moon solar eclipse

New moon solar eclipse picture courtesy of

Grandpa Joe motioned for Tommy Tomorrow to approach him and sit near his rocking chair by the fireplace.

Grandpa Joe had retired a few years ago. He used to run the small grocery store in the country town of Buzzley. Now, in his retirement years, he was finally able to devote his life to his truest passion, Astrology.

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